Welcome to the Website Home of the Dick Bowers Duplicate Bridge Club in Winchester Virginia! 

Here you will find game schedules, club information, bridge topic links, announcements, contact information, and results.  

 GAME RESULTS:  Winchester Games and Front Royal/Mt Jackson Games

WELCOME 2018  Officers & Board of Directors

President: Dagmar Loose
Vice President: George Caley
Secretary: Peggy Neiberger
Treasurer: Mindy Schryver
Executive Directors:
Bill Grewe
Emily Huttar
Barbara Richard

Non Voting Board Members: M.K. Fahnestock (Club Manager),  Milan Majarov (Game Director) & Gerry O’Malley (Game Director)

If you have any questions or problems when using the site, or feedback you would like to provide, feel free to contact Marie Majarov at 434-406-3164 or email: mariemilanmajarov@gmail.com.

Club President: Dagmar Loose  540-905-6361(Cell), 540-631-0811(Home)
Email: tdloose@aol.com

Club Manager: Mary Kay Fahnestock 540-533-4367 Directors: Milan Majarov 434-406-3387 Gerry O’Malley 540-550-4410

 For contact information for other board members please see Member Roster on Members Page.